Increase your Engagement and Reduce your Cost per Conversion using this Simple Facebook Pixel Growth Hack

There is no doubting that Facebook Pixel is one of the most important tools for marketers when using Facebook adverts.

The first thing a lot of marketers do with their pixel when setting it up? They do what Facebook has told them to do and they put it in the header of a website and Facebook starts tracking who clicks through from your Facebook ads.

Sounds great? Eh? You’ve added your pixel and you’re tracking things a bit better, but are you really fully optimising?

Facebook Pixel is good, but it can’t distinguish between those who click because they are interested or those who click but bounce because they are not interested. For Facebook Pixel a click is a click and it determines that all clicks are users that are interested. The fact that Facebook Pixel counts bounced users is an important factor to take into consideration when using Facebook Pixel for re-targeted adverts.

So here is your golden ticket to the next level. Get your nerd on and wrap your Facebook pixel javascript in the following code:

setTimeout(function(){ *insert Facebook pixel code here* }, 3000);

This delays your Facebook Pixel code from firing for 3 seconds.

What difference will that make?

Bouncers are pointless traffic. So why waste your time, money and effort on issuing them adverts in a re-targeted campaign? Facebook pixel doesn’t know any better than to count whoever clicks, but delaying it from counting someone forces it to avoid counting majority of the bouncers.

You are allowing your pixel to adapt and determine who is actually relevant and interested in the product or service.

The result?

A significant reduction in the cost of engagement and conversions for your re-targeting campaigns.